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AND-TFT-25XS-LED LCD Color Monitor

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AND-TFT-25XS-LED LCD Color Monitor

  • Long Life LED Backlight
  • Ultra Compact
  • Compatible with NTSC or PAL system
  • DC/DC, LED Driver, Video Decoder all in one
  • High Resolution: 112,320 dots
  • Optimum Viewing Direction: 6 o’clock
  • Up/Down and Left/Right Image Reversion
  • Accepts Analog RGB input
  • Applications: camcorder, digital camera applications
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The AND-TFT-25XS-LED is a compact full color TFT LCD module, that is suitable for applications such as a camcorder, digital camera application and other electronics products which require high quality flat panel displays. This device consists of a twisted nematic (TN) liquid crystal cell, that incorporates a TFT-array that has 480 x 234 pixels on a 2.45 inch diagonal screen, X and Y drivers, an LSI controller, and a built-in LED backlight.


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