electro alliance building

Electro Alliance Inc. was formed in 1988 with the philosophy of Total Customer Driven Distribution.

From the beginning, Electro Alliance Inc. offered services beyond traditional Electronics Distribution. These included assembly, product modifications, custom products and complete turnkey production. The business model we chose was to help our customers in any way possible, whether a simple cable attached to an LCD display, blind drop shipments or complete box builds. We serve all vertical markets in regards to printing, displays and products synergistic to these markets.

Stressing the importance of limiting factory lead times, we introduced Design-In-Stocking programs. The result of this gave our customers an advantage moving from design and prototype to full production, reducing the factory lead time to zero in most cases.

Our customers appreciate our efforts and we have accounts that have been with us since our inception. Our vendors have also found success with our services. Electro Alliance Inc. is Seiko Instruments MPD Division’s oldest distributor in the United States. We are responsible for a large share of their market and we stock their entire line.