Industry Specific Printers

Electro Alliance Incorporated is an International Stocking Distributor since 1988. Our specialties are industry specific printers, displays and other products synergistic to their vertical markets.

Our printer lines cover thermal printers, impact printers, bar code printers, Kiosk printers, POS printers, mobile printers, wireless printers, panel mount printers, label printers, medical printers,  smart label printers,  and photo printers.

Our printers are available in a wide range of packaging from stand alone products, portable products, and sub assemblies to mechanism and controllers.

Print Media and Accessories

A complete offering of print media and accessories and for our products is also offered. Thermal paper thermal receipt, pre-printed thermal, thermal labels, direct thermal labels, photo paper,

photo quality, thermal transfer labels, thermal transfer ribbons, ticket stock, receipt paper, ribbons, mail tag stock, medical paper, data logging paper, color printing, pre-printed custom rolls, and fan fold media.

We supply product lines of both color liquid crystal displays and monochrome liquid crystal displays. From 7 segment, and custom glass displays, liquid crystal alphanumeric modules, to complete color graphics displays. We offer COG, TFT, TN, STN, OLED, Color STN, Modules.

Value Added Capabilities

Our added capabilities to our distribution lines are cable and harness, value added mechanical assemblies, specialized packaging, custom assemblies, and contract manufacturing services.

We also offer membrane switches, rubber keypads, electroluminescent (EL) lamps, graphic overlays and labels.

We serve vertical markets including medical, industrial, test, telecommunication, gaming, aircraft, mobile, traffic, kiosk, point of sale, vending, wireless, data logging, parking, automotive, ATM, voting, voting verification, photo,