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Great for carving wooden spoons, bowls, kuksa cups and more. Now I have saved the best spoon carving knife to last. No he told me that knife was already made by someone else a chap called Bo Helgesson.

The favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and fishing fans. A first class all-round knife with a profile ground blade made of Swedish cold-rolled special stainless steel and a patterned friction grip. The blade has characteristic grinding for optimal function during hunting. The polymer knife sheath has an adaptable leather strap.


So with all that being said, I feel the best spoon carving knife is going to be the Beavercraft I can’t justify buying stainless steel, especially when the rest of my Mora knives have high carbon steel. The Mountain Elk Products Wood Carving Hook Knife is another good choice if you’re looking for a hook knife for spoon carving. You can get it for about half of what you’d pay for the top two models on our list.

Carving a Spoon w/ a Hook Knife

While it may not hold its edge as well as a carbon steel blade, the next-best option is stainless steel, so you’ll be in good shape. This model also comes with an ergonomic wooden handle which won’t bother your hands or wrists. It also comes with a wider angle on its blade than the previous model, which leads to faster cuts, making it a better choice for projects larger than spoons, such as bowls. Have you ever felt the excitement of getting a new tool, only to realize you have no idea what to do with it? If you happened to check out my spoon carving adventure, you know that I recently had that very experience with a Morakniv hook knife.

hook knife

Slotted Hook K…

  • Crooked knives are handy tools for flute makers and luthiers, cabinet makers, artisans and hobbyists.
  • Here’s how to make a hook knife in about an hour – for use in spoon- and bowl-carving.
  • Morakniv’s Wood Carving Hook Knife is ideal for carving spoons, bowls, cups and more.
  • The knife’s Hi-Vis Orange color makes it very visible so that you don’t have to search around for it.
  • As you carve closer to the sides, stop plunge cutting about 1/4″ from the inside pencil line.
  • It also comes with an ergonomic handle that’s flat across the top, helping it fit perfectly into most hands.

I was lucky to buy a few batches of these and still use them for my courses though Bo is not always easy to buy from. There are probably only two folk who have used more spoon knives for longer than me, Del Stubbs and Jogge Sundqvist and both rate the Helgesson as the benchmark knife. I use both sizes of the slots knives and a different style Mora hook on most of my carving projects.

hook knife

MoraKniv 120 carving knife.I’ve had a little chip time with these Swedish-made gems and have found no faults whatsoever. The 120 carving knife has a laminated steel blade that’s approx. The 164 has a stainless steel blade curved to a 1/2” internal radius. Both are easy to sharpen, hold an edge well and feel great in the hand. The ideal knife for carving spoons, bowls, cups and more.

Features an ergonomic oiled birch handle fixed to a premium Sandvik stainless steel blade. Blade is single-edged, 2” hook knife long with refined edge bevels for ease of carving, and a 1/2” internal radius for scooping out hollowed shapes.

It comes with a stainless-steel blade, which makes it easy to care for, and reduces corrosion significantly. If you want a premium experience, you could look to the Morakniv Knife 164. This Swedish-made knife features a blade made from stainless steel. That means it will resist corrosion very well, and that it has great strength.

hook knife

I am sure you know that green wood is easier for carving and I mainly use oil wax finishes. I have found the longer blade to be much more versatile. I believe it was inspired by a Peter Follansbee birch or ash bark blade cover, as I recall.

That makes this model the best overall value for the money on our list. If you’re looking to get into spoon carving, but don’t want to invest in a premium model just yet, then you’ll be very happy with this knife.